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March Meeting

Steve Forde, Senior Product Manager for After Effects, will be joining us to give a technology preview of some of the cool AE stuff Adobe is working on.

Steve Forde Named New Senior Product Manager for Adobe After Effects

Steve Forde was just named as the Senior Product Manager for Adobe After Effects. Boo-yah! Jim and I have had the pleasure of working with Steve  through Trade shows and beta programs.  He’s already proven himself to the AE community several times over with the utility plug-ins, Nucleo and Nucleo Pro, when he was CEO [...]

February Meeting

Some stuff. Info coming soon.

Tonight’s AENY Meeting (1/27/11) is Canceled

Hi Folks – Due to the weather, all NYC public Schools are closed today. Since we meet at a public school (PS 41), we will not be able to have the meeting tonight. We repeat: TONIGHT’S AENY MEETING (1/27/11) IS CANCELED! See you guys next month. Enjoy the snow day.

January Meeting

SynthEyes and AEscripts were supposed to present, but we got snowed out. Sorry…

December Meeting

Some stuff to be announced…

AENY Going Strong (and Global)!

Last night I had a chance to hit the Maxon mixer at Spin. It was really great seeing people in the motion graphics and animation industry outside an AENY meeting, where I actually had a chance to talk to them (and drink beer). I had a lot of fun hanging out with Nick Campbell and [...]

October Meeting

Some stuff to be announced…

MAXON Mixer at SPIN NYC October 13th

Hey folks – our good friends at MAXON are hosting a Mixer at SPIN NYC October 13th: TIME: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm SPiN New York 48 East 23rd Street New York, NY 10010 212.982.8802 In Attendance: Paul Babb: MAXON US CEO Bret Bays: MAXON TECH Mathias Omotola: MAXON MARKETING Special Guest: Nick Campbell [...]

Knifeshow – Video from last AENY Meeting

For those of you who were asking about the video we showed at the opening of the last meeting – here is is: A videogame invasion has hit Mt Hood and High Cascade! Check out Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart, and Casey Wrightsman as they live life like it’s one [...]

September Meeting

John Lepore Associate Creative Director at Perception NY shows some amazing breakdown work done on Iron Man 2 along with other client work. Jim gives a review of cool stuff he saw at IBC.

Tiny Inventions Shares Their Secrets!

Our friends at Tiny Inventions have given a deep workflow breakdown of how they created their recent AE-animated film “Something Left, Something Taken.” Enjoy: RGTV Episode 47: Tiny Inventions from Red Giant Software on Vimeo. Check out the full film at

August Meeting

VFX Animator and Compositor, Deke Kincaid, shows some of his work and the inner workings of The Foundry’s Nuke compositor and new 3D texture painting Application Mari.

July Meeting

Danny Princz, Jim Geduldick, Aharon Rabinowitz Show some cool stuff. Yeah.

New Tutorial: Trapcode Form City

Red Giant Quicktip #15: Trapcode Form City from Red Giant Software on Vimeo. In this Quicktip, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how using Depth Maps to displace Trapcode Form particles can be used to create a 3D Point Cloud Representation of a city. This tutorial was inspired by the brilliant Trapcode Form work of Jeremy Cox [...]

Harry Frank Fills Your AE Brain

Through Class on Demand, our good friend Harry Frank just released the ultimate Particular 2.0 training DVD: Complete Training for Trapcode Particular. Harry is arguably the most knowledgeable person on the planet, when it comes to the practical use of Particular. If you want to learn all there is to know about that essential plug-in, [...]

June Meeting

Jeremy Cox of Imaginary forces shows his work from Terminator: Salvation and God of War.

May Meeting

All things Adobe Production Premium CS5!

Lots of Cool Extra Give-Aways at the April Meeting!

Just got this list from Jim. This is going to be one seriously kick-ass meeting! G tech Hard Drive Avid Media Composer 4 (with free upgrade to 5, when it ships) Adobe Production Premium CS5 …and more

Awesome user Group Video from AEPDX

An AEPDX Meeting – by Juliet Zulu Jayson Bosteder, of the After Effects Portland user group (AEPDX) just posted an awesome video. Come on New York AE users! Don’t you love us enough to make one too?

April Meeting

Philip Bloom talks DSLR video production

Red Giant Software Releases Photoshop Versions of Their Video Plug-ins

Red Giant Software just released Magic Bullet PhotoLooks (Like MB Looks but for Photoshop) and Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop. That’s great for the Photoshop market, but what does that mean to you as a video artist? Think Print Resolution Style Frames: No more trying to render out a printable high-res style frame or still [...]

March Meeting

In this meeting: Robert Sharp of DigiEffects and Ross Shain of Imagineer Systems.

February Meeting May be Cancelled!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Hi Folks – Just want to let you know that  Thursday night’s meeting may be cancelled, due to weather. It’s not clear yet how bad the snow may be, but if it closes down the schools, we won’t be able to have the meeting. Please keep your eyes on the AENY blog and [...]

Some Great New Stuff at MotionWorks

A new Making It Look Great training DVD from Tim Clapham: Click Image to watch video. This promo for our brand new MILG7: MoGraph Unleashed video training, was created using Cinema 4D and After Effects. The Out Now text bounces using MoGraph 2.0 MoDynamics, the sky was added in After Effects using Trapcode Horizon, and [...]