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March 28, 2013
PS 41

PS 41

116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306

Get ready for another action-packed meeting of After Effects New York, the world’s largest software user group.

Best of all, thanks to our awesome sponsors, the meeting is FREE!

As always, we’re giving away Thousands of dollars worth of AE-related prizes: Plug-ins, Apps, Books, Stock Footage, and DVD Training!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Due to security concerns at the school, you MUST sign up for the event HERE The meeting is still free, but we cannot let you in, if you do night sign up ahead. 

Here is the link to Eventbrite sign up



Sean Devereaux and Todd Prive

Sean Devereaux and Todd Prive

Sean Devereaux and Todd Prives will be showing ZYNC, their new cloud rendering platform for Maya and Nuke. Originally developed by Sean 3 years ago when starting his own company after a 15+ year career as a VFX Supervisor and Artist at Digital Domain and ILM, ZYNC has been built to look, act and feel just like a local renderfarm by allowing artists to submit jobs and call on the unlimited power of Amazon EC2 without having to build out all the back-end render hardware traditionally needed. Instead, they simply can treat rendering as a utility, paying only for the hours they use and nothing when they don’t. Recently ZYNC was used to render all 400+ VFX shots by Atomic Fiction for the Academy Award Nominated Robert Zemeckis/Denzel Washington film “Flight”. More information is available at

Various Artists

VFX Unite

Various Artists

We are going to have some guests from different genre’s of VFX speaking about the current state of VFX with the recent issues from Digital Domain, Dreamwork’s and Rhythm & Hues to other shops. Speaking on where to get informed and stay up on your rights as an artist and how to get fair and just working conditions in some shops taking advantage of artists with no pay OT, longer hours and little break time. This is a serious issue that has had alot of impact in our community you can start off by watching the VFX Townhall held last week around the world thanks to the artists involved in getting it done.

Please take a moment to check out our sponsors. They keep us in business.